It's not a Secret, but it is Magic!
Bounceology is moving towards the right STRATEGY:
  • Listening carefully to business objectives

  • Listen carefully to frustrations

  • Listen carefully to passion and vision

  • Listen carefully to leadership’s ambitions and aspirations

  • Eavesdrop for what is possible

  • Listen for road blocks and obstructions

  • Follow the money to find the right path

  • Snoop to find the secrets and roadblocks

  • Attend meetings to observe interaction and communication

Ideas are Easy, the Magic is in the Execution! Bounceology is the right ACTIVATION:
  • Identifying key work, key talent and right talent in the right seat

  • Identifying creative ways to accomplish the objectives

  • Identifying and improve weak links in the business activity

  • Improve process and protocols, eliminate outdated steps 

  • Improve collaboration through unified goals

  • Maximize best practices

  • Spend judiciously

  • Identify, amplify and activate using strengths (ignore weaknesses)

  • Wisely activate a plan

  • Manage and engage in precise detailed follow up for the plan activation

  • Summarize simply

  • Clear the air, build and encourage honest conversations (even when it’s difficult)

  • Encourage personal and professional processing to build teams

  • Update organizational charts and job descriptions

  • Build internal campaigns with purpose

  • Build external campaigns to be functional and purposeful

  • Maximize brand and messaging for business results (police brands)

  • Set up partnerships and collaborative engagements

  • Celebrate each step! 

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